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Nepal earthquake - april 25, 2015

This magnitude 7.8 quake killed almost 9,000 people in Nepal and left over 22,000 injured.  

While governments and organizations around the world scrambled to provide aid, most of the resources went to Kathmandu and the area immediately around the city.  But it was difficult to get aid to some of the remote villages.

And while Fishhook doesn't work directly in Nepal, our partners do have connections there.  Our best connection for providing aid was the brother of a student at the Jaya Nursing School.  The brother in Nepal named Juju was a schoolteacher in a village called Kavre, about 50 miles east of Kathmandu.  Juju sent the photos above showing devastation to the school (left) and nearly all the 60 homes in the village (one of which is shown on the right).

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fishhook donors responded generously

Through generous gifts from our donors, Fishhook's partner in India was able to provide blankets and other household items as well as a feeding center in Kavre in the weeks following the quake.  Then we were also able to help get the school rebuilt.