In the late 1990's a vision began to unfold to provide a retreat center in India where leaders and their families could come for training, rest, and spiritual renewal

With the help of numerous friends, His Rest Retreat Center has developed over the years and now is used daily by groups from all over South India. Here people find a quiet place for spiritual refreshment and leadership training conferences.

The grounds at His Rest are also now home to a living facility for destitute elderly women as well as a home for destitute men.  The women and men who have suffered such hardship and indignity in their lifetimes can now enjoy the beauty and tranquility of creation in this rural setting.

With the goal of providing a source of some income to maintain the retreat center, coconut trees and a mango grove are being cultivated. Longer term plans include a medical clinic to serve the poor as well as living quarters for elderly working poor who have no provision for their old age.