• 1.3 billion people

  • 32% under age 15

  • 74% literacy rate

  • 59% live on less than $2 per day

  • 2,000 + unreached people groups

(Data from 2011 India Census, World Bank and Operation World)

Widow & Orphan Care

Depending on the needs of the community served, our partners' care for the destitute ranges from community-based care to full-time homes for women and children. When the environment of those served is contrasted with what their fate would be otherwise, it is an amazing picture of transformation in the lives of these women and children.

Training & Mentoring

Leadership training programs equip those who have been trained to go out and share what they have learned with others.  The multiplication effect enables our partners to train more and more people with information that can change their lives, their families and their communities.

Community Development

High mortality, low literacy rates and limited education keep many Indians stuck in poverty. Our partners manage community development programs focused on equipping people with life skills that can help them break the cycle of poverty in their families.