This home for girls located in a major Indian city provides vocational training and a loving residential environment for teenage girls, many of whom come from troubled family backgrounds. In fact the average girl in the home has endured more hardship in her 15 years or so of life than you and I ever will.

The story of how each girl found her way to the home is a miracle in itself. Every girl has a thrilling testimony of divine providence protecting her and guiding her to the home.


Here is the story of one of the girls:


Chandini comes from a very poor family. She lost both her parents when she was seven years old.  After that her grandmother took care of her. They lived in a small tent on the side of a road. Chandini was a street kid who did not go to school. At the age of eight a person who knows about our home for girls came across Chandini and brought her to the home. So she started school at the age of eight.  Now at age 14 she is in 6th grade. She has found love and healing here, but it took several months for her to forget the sight of her mother’s body being burned by fire in a religious ritual. Slowly her mind has healed, and she has stopped crying. She is doing well now, and we are very thankful.