His Rest Retreat Center is used daily by groups from all over South India. Here people find a much-needed quiet place for spiritual refreshment and leadership training conferences.

Now we want to provide a place for the children to play when their parents come for retreats and conferences. Also we want to be a welcoming place for orphanages to bring their children for outings so they can get away from the noise and pollution in the crowded city.  The video below shows how noisy and busy even a small town in India can be!

Please help us raise $8,000 to build a playground for these kids to enjoy. Our plan is for one area for younger children and another for older ones.  We also want to provide benches and shade trees to provide relief from the hot Indian sun for the adults watching over the kids as they play.

Thank you for helping us provide a simple childhood pleasure for the children of Indian leaders as well as orphans in the area!