The slums of large Indian cities are horrible enough even if you have a roof over your head, but many families don't even have that.  The reality of families literally living and sleeping between the railroad tracks prompted the formation of this program to offer help.  

In one of India's major cities The Girls Restoration Initiative provides life skills to young women who are in a very vulnerable situation. Because they are living and sleeping in the open, they are a target for the flesh trade, sexual exploitation, etc. The Girls Restoration Initiative will provide a ticket out of the slums for these girls.

The program provides training to 60 girls at a time either in computer skills or tailoring. They come to the center for a half day every day for one year to complete the program.  They are also offered counseling and emotional support to help them cope with any personal issues they have.  At the end of the year they are equipped to land a job and provide for themselves and others in their family.  

Many organizations are trying to rescue women out of the sex trade, which is very worthy and difficult work.  But The Girls Restoration Initiative is one of the few working to prevent girls from being trapped in it to begin with. 

The Girls Restoration Initiative can help 20 girls at a time for about $500 per month, and you can help!