The Legacy of the Fishhook Pin Continues

Jack Ditto.jpg

I have been wearing a Fishhook lapel pin on my suit jacket ever since I started wearing a suit to work in September 2015. I have always been an avid outdoorsman, and I love to fish. The pin at first was just a reminder of what I love to do, FISH.

But after a year of wearing my fishhook pin, I was out fishing late at night and praying to the Lord. He spoke to me saying, “I have provided you the passion, knowledge and equipment to catch certain fish. In the same way I want you to encourage others to fish the way I have called you to.”

I am a financial adviser but feel called to full time ministry right where I am. I use these fishhook lapel pins to initiate conversation about the mission Jesus gave us. I keep several in my pocket at all times, and whenever someone notices the one I wear, I give them one.

The pin is attached to a card with Matthew 4:19 printed on it. As I hand it to the person, I share how I love to fish but our true calling is to be fishers of men. When I say this, it also serves as a reminder to me.

I feel like it is taken as a challenge but one they initiated by calling out my fishhook. Sometimes when the conversation allows it, I get to share what Fishhook International is about, but if not, the gift still carries the message.

Sometimes people I have previously given a fishhook to will approach me asking for one to give to someone they know. I take that as a message that it spoke to them in some way ,and they want to pass it on.

The challenge to be a fisherman for Jesus is EXCITING! The fishhook pin is what started it for me, and I continue to see the fishhook and the verse carry the message. It’s been incredibly fun to give out these little pins because I love how they look and the challenge it gives us.