She was selling herself to make ends meet

Dhivya is a girl who came from the streets. She was selling herself to make ends meet. Her father had died, and her mother is ill. Amazingly, the police actually brought her to the Living Hope campus. 

She was enrolled in the nursing school where so many young women and men have found hope, purpose and a bright future.  But no one knew what would happen with Dhivya..

In the beginning, the staff and other students had to deal with many issues with Dhivya.  But eventually she gave herself to the Lord and was baptized. Now she is working in Chennai in a mission hospital.  She is truly a picture of God's redemptive power!

In June this year,  fifty girls graduated from Jaya Nursing School after completing the two-year degree.  They join over 200 others since that first graduating class in 2012. Many of this year's graduates are serving from Christian hospitals in small villages and towns to heal the poorest of the poor and proclaim the Gospel to them.

It is a great privilege to witness girls like Dhivya graduating from the nursing program in India. Thank you to our donors who make this kind of redemptive ministry possible.