Albert, Son of Jesus

Albert is a resident in the new home for destitute men at the retreat center in south India. One day during my visit last year, I walked into his room along with the caretaker of the home and my translator. Albert’s face lit up when he heard the caretaker telling him who I was and that I had come to hear his story.

His story was simple, not the most tragic story I heard that day, but nothing like my own or that of most people here in the US. Albert's father died when he was a boy. His mother sent him to a school for the blind where he spent the majority of his childhood. There he was taught how to answer a telephone and make chairs.

When he grew up and left the school, he went to live with a former classmate and his wife. It was this classmate who heard about the new men’s home and brought Albert to live there. He smiled as he told me how this classmate and his wife still come to visit him. 

I asked Albert what he thought of the men’s home, if he was happy. He responded by telling me how blessed he was. God had given him peace and joy. He even said that, while at the home, God had restored a little of his sight in one eye. He smiled and said he likes to worship and pray from morning to evening.

As I was leaving, my translator turned to me and told me to tell Albert what prayer needs I  had, and he would pray for me. She said that if I told him my prayer requests, Albert would always remember me. I asked him to pray for my visit, that God would use me to do His will and that He would teach me through my experiences. 

I didn’t see Albert again until one morning after my hour of prayer. At the retreat center, at all times while other activities are happening, at least one person is praying and praising the Lord in a prayer room on the campus. They asked me to sign up for an hour in the prayer room each morning I was there. It was a wonderful time of drawing closer to God and spending time in His presence. But since I was not used to it, I was usually ready when my hour was up. Every day one person would come from the women’s home and from the men’s home to have their hour of worship. Albert always came from the men’s home, and I was told that he begged them to let him have two hours to pray. After those two hours were over, they would have to convince him to leave and go back to the home. 

That morning as I sat outside the prayer room listening to Albert pray and sing in Tamil, Jesus spoke into my heart telling me that this is why He made His son Albert. Albert may not be able to see; he may not be able to hear well; he doesn’t have great influence; he has no way to leave the retreat center; but he loves his Savior with his whole heart and chooses to spend his time worshiping and praising his Creator. God has created Albert to sing His praises and to be an intercessor for others. 

Again God whispered into my heart, saying He created me for the same reason. I was created to glorify God, to worship Him, and praise His name. No matter where we are or what our lives are like, it is so important we take the time to worship our Creator, to spend time with our heavenly Father. If we are seeking and glorifying God in our lives, then we are fulfilling our purpose.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
 1 Corinthians 10:31  

Heavenly Father, 
No matter where I am in life, what is going on, how much or how little I have, may I never cease to long for Your presence. In everything I do may You be brought glory. Make me more like Albert who spends his days worshiping You. Give me the peace and the joy that he has. Bless Your son Albert and all the men and women in the homes for the destitute and forgotten in India. Give them healing and protection. Thank You for their stories of redemption. 
In Jesus name I pray,

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