A Laborer's Testimony

My name is Vijay*, and I am 52 years old. I am from a Hindu family. I am working as a construction laborer at a Christian ministry. Before I started working here, I had never known anything about Jesus Christ. But since coming here, I came to know about Jesus little by little.

One fine day I had a call from home saying that my father was very sick. He was having trouble breathing. So as a family we took him to a hospital, but they said they could not treat him. So we went to the next hospital and then to the next hospital.  We took him to three hospitals, and they all said the same thing. The doctors refused to treat him, saying there was nothing they could do.

We made one last attempt by taking him to the government hospital in our city. There too, the doctor said he could not help him. During that night I started to call out to Jesus. I cried to Jesus. I had no other hope.

I called my relatives and suggested we take my father back home. But in my inner being I was  crying to Jesus. I was praying, "Lord Jesus, I am crying for the life of my father." The next morning the doctors were making their rounds.  When they checked my dad, they said he had begun breathing normally. The doctors were very surprised. They started treatments, and now my father is alive and well!

I know my father was healed because I cried to Jesus and HE answered my cry. My father is back at home taking care of our cattle. All praises to Jesus the Healer!

*Name changed to protect identity