Extreme Makeovers

Thank you to our generous friends whose gifts helped make the following stories of transformation possible by the grace and power of God:

Facebook Leads To Reconciliation?!!

Rani, who is blind, was physically abused and then abandoned by her husband and by her brother.  She was on the verge of committing suicide.  But then a pastor brought Rani to one of our homes for destitute women in South India.  From the time she came in 2008, she had no visitors which made Rani extremely distressed.  She became angry to the point of being mentally disturbed.  Habitually, she pulled her own hair and bit her fingernails. After a few years we tried to trace her family.  By the grace of God we found Vijay, her brother's son, on Facebook. We asked him if Rani was his aunt.  A few months after Vijay confirmed that she was,  he along with his family came to visit her.  Rani's brother fell at her feet and asked her forgiveness. Rani forgave him and his family and blessed them in His Name!

Prayer Brings Healing

Each week one of the prayer teams visits and prays for people in the hospital.  One week they met Vasanthi who had a swollen gallbladder. She had continuous diarrhea and vomiting, and the doctors said she would only live for six months.  But the hospital prayer team began to pray earnestly for Vasanthi, and the Lord healed her.  Her husband said, "We believe in Lord Jesus because He healed my wife.  We believe He is the only true Living God."

A New Skill Gives Hope And A Future

My Name is Srikanthi. I am the youngest of three children in my family. My father was working as a driver, but he lost his job.  Due to financial crisis, there was always fighting and tension in my family. We sold our house in the village and moved to the city to live in a slum.   Due to lack of funds, I could not attend regular school. Since I had time, I  joined the Restoration Initiative to learn  computer as well as tailoring.   I came to know about the Lord and have become a believer.  Now, I am telling all my family members about Jesus.  After completing tailoring, the program gave me a sewing machine which I am using to earn some income to support my struggling family.  Now I feel that slowly our financial situation is improving. I am very thankful to the sponsors for the training and the sewing machine.