A New Skill, a New Life

(NOTE: Names of people and places in this blog post have been omitted in order to protect the participants in this program.)

The Girls Restoration Initiative was started in 2015 at a slum in a large city in eastern India. In this slum people live out of doors between the railway tracks. These living conditions put women and girls at risk for abuse, sexual exploitation and the flesh trade.  The Girls Restoration Initiative offers them a program where they learn tailoring and computer skills. These skills can provide a ticket out of the slums for the women and their families.

Currently about 70 women are being blessed by this center. The students come from extreme poverty, and most of the families have members who are under addictions and various destructive habits like alcoholism, drugs and the sex trade.

After the women and girls join this program, we see a great change in their lives. Every day they have devotion time where they hear the gospel. Every Friday there is fasting prayer where their prayer requests are prayed for. They are also offered counseling sessions and retreats.

The graduates of the program soon find jobs, and they're able to help support their families. Most of the men in their families are day laborers. At times, they do not have any income. But now with their new skills the women, to some extent, are able to help their families.

During the program the students also learn about health and hygiene, and they can attend sex education and HIV awareness seminars. Most of them come to a saving knowledge of God. They become holistic persons and are able to take care of their families. It is good to see how far they've come because these families used to struggle even to provide food and basic medical needs.

The program is very crowded now with 70 students so that we have to operate classes in shifts.  Because of the space constraints we had to stop new admissions.

But God is doing marvelous things in this project. Praise be to Him.