New Nurses Graduate in India!

On April 24 fifty-three young women graduated from our Jaya Nursing School in India.  They have successfully completed this two-year program and passed the government certification exams.  We are so happy for them as we rejoice in what God has done and will do in their lives!

Here are a few of the graduates' stories:

Kiruba is an orphan who lost both parents to a terrible accident. She was forced to work as a maid by her relatives. Later she was brought to Living Hope by a neighbor. Kiruba will be serving the poor as a nurse in the same village where she was once ill-treated. 

Jeba lost her father at an early age. Her mother is a daily laborer who earns $2 for working 8 hours a day. Jeba was brought to Living Hope Children's Home 11 years ago. She graduated from nursing school with academic excellence. 

2015 graduate-Suganya.jpg

Suganya struggled with depression. She attempted suicide several times before coming to Living Hope. During nursing school she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and was baptized. Suganya wants to work in a Christian hospital that serves the poor and needy. 

Born with a speech impediment, Vijay Shanthi felt unwanted. She dropped out of school because everyone teased her. Some said she was mentally ill.  We admitted her to nursing school, and now she is a confident graduate wanting to help girls like herself!

Thank you for your prayers and support for the Jaya Nursing School.  This ministry transforms the lives of the students as well as those of the families and communities they go on to serve.