What's in a Name?

Often when I tell someone I work for Fishhook International, I get a very quizzical look.  You know the look I'm talking about:  the squinched-up face, the bewildered stare and the one syllable response, "Huh?"  It could be that you too have wondered why this ministry has the name "Fishhook."  It's actually a pretty good story, and when the question is asked, it's a prime opportunity to explain who we are at Fishhook International.

Ford Philpot

The story starts back in the 1950's when the founder of our organization, Ford Philpot, began traveling and preaching in city-wide meetings to present the Gospel and invite people to become followers of Jesus Christ.  Ford wasn't just a pulpit evangelist; he was a day-in, day-out, wherever-he-happened-to-be evangelist.  He loved to talk to people about Jesus, whether he was in a restaurant, at an airport or on a golf course.

So Ford Philpot came up with the ingenious idea of wearing a little brass lapel pin in the shape of a fishhook. Invariably someone would ask him if he was a fisherman.  Ford would stop, look the person in the eye, and say, "No, but Jesus said 'follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.'"  It opened up many conversations that allowed him to share the Good News of the Gospel.  And Ford gave away thousands of those little fishhooks to men and women across the country and around the world, encouraging them to wear that creative little tool for starting a conversation about the Lord.  

After Ford went Home to be with Jesus in 1992, the name of his ministry needed a change from the Ford Philpot Evangelistic Association.  "Fishhook International" seemed to be the perfect name because it reflected Ford's heart to share the Gospel with the nations.  I don't know if Ford even realized what a brilliant concept his little fishhook was, but here at Fishhook International we still wear and give away those pins with the hope of being able to start conversations about Jesus.

If you'd like to have a fishhook pin to wear, contact us to ask for one.

Also if you want to know more about Ford Philpot, read a brief bio here.