Due to their parents' loss of health and in most cases employment, the children of AIDS patients are in need of extra support. In order to keep the children in their communities,  our partners identify able family members who can care for them in their home.  

Child sponsorship donations for this outreach enable us to send workers to the child's home at least once a month.  While there, the worker evaluates the family's needs so the agency can fill in the gaps.  

We want to ensure the child gets good nutrition, has adequate shelter and medical care, and continues to go to school with the necessary uniforms and supplies.    The workers also counsel the child and the family by providing needed information and encouragement.

Fishhook sets aside $5 of each monthly child sponsorship in a savings account to help the children get established in life after high school.  These savings are used to help the children continue with higher education or vocational training.